Olowogbogboro by Abigail Adeyosola


I opened my eyes to a wonderful view of nature,
Admiring the peaceful activities of so many creatures,
With nice product of this fertile land and it’s environmental structure.
The maker I call “Olowogbogboro”,
His outstretched arm to make life beautiful.

Times and seasons with it’s effect on earthly beings,
Reccurring subsequently for a particular time been.
Spring,summer,autumn,and winter they be.
All in power of “Olowogbogboro”,
His outstretched arm to change circumstances.

Even when I’m lost in the stench of this world,
And just there with feelings like a wode,
Confessing and believing for cleansing through His word.
The ever present One, “Olowogbogboro”,
His outstretched arm to set free.

Trials and tribulations would bring fear,
Drowning in anxiety, almost to the point of death.
My “Oba to to ni gba” is always there to save,
when He is called in faith.
My God, able to put null to terrible situations,
Bringing calmness to storms of life.

©️Abigail Adeyosola

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