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Aura of Worship

The King worthy of all praises is God an without him we are nothing
Join TIANAH as she shows her love to the greatest God
We know worship
We love worship and
Worship is our Life.
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By Dr Clef

No one is an enemy of blessings because we all understand its importance.

Listen to BLESSING by Dr Clef as he sings to God to bless his way
And affirm yours as you too.

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God’s blessings shall be upon us all. Amen!!
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Hymnus 001

A sinful and ungrateful people he loved. To Redeem and make them have access to him. Who else could have loved more than this?
join us at TRP as we vocalize this melody, Hymnus 001 2nd edition to appreciate God, the father, and author of all.

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Powerful Worship by Priscilla

Aura Of worship

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Song By: Ark of God Music Team

We can’t Enjoy God’s completeness when we are outside, Neither can we be productive without him. But in Him, we enjoy a lifetime value. Listen to this song titled ” MY EVERYTHING” and feel refreshed.

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