Go After Skill

By: Famutimi Elizabeth

Many people are attracted to work in order to make money
And making money is the reason why most of us went to school

It’s a pity that most of us see the certificate we earn from school as our meal ticket
If education does not mean more than this for us, then we miss an important reason for learning.

What is this learning?
It’s called skill acquisition. What I value most after salvation is education.

That is the reason most of us cannot stop training, we want to be equipped.

An anonymous once said
“When you stop learning, you start dying”
Ability is greater than money.
It can neither be stolen nor lost

Skill makes you a commander of wealth.
Even a man who has much wealth needs skillful men to manage it otherwise he can end up poor.

Many millionaires have died penny-less
And some died in abject poverty.
Place a higher premium on skill and do all within you to invest in it.
With skill, resources flow to you.

The rewards are unquantifiable!

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Winners VS Losers

By Famutimi Elizabeth

A winner always has a programme; a loser always has an excuse

Winners say, “I must do something.”; losers say “Something must be done.”

A winner takes commitments; a loser takes promises.

Winners choose what they say; losers say what they choose

Winners solve the problems; losers list the problems.

Winners work at winning; losers leave things to chance.

Winners are determined; losers hardly sustain focus.

Winners are hard-working; losers are lazy.

Winners say, “My future is bright, I must get there.”; losers say “The future will be what it will be.”

Winners vs Losers
Where do you belong?

Be a go getter, one that survives in any weather and never says “Never”

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Aura of Worship

The King worthy of all praises is God an without him we are nothing
Join TIANAH as she shows her love to the greatest God
We know worship
We love worship and
Worship is our Life.
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By Dr Clef

No one is an enemy of blessings because we all understand its importance.

Listen to BLESSING by Dr Clef as he sings to God to bless his way
And affirm yours as you too.

Don’t forget to like and share.
God’s blessings shall be upon us all. Amen!!
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“…On feeble knees, I lay low. The dauntless in me, gone.

What am I left with? What will I become? A nitwit? Or a chaff to burn?

Walls of restriction around me, my mentality. I’m too scared to break loose. I once heard ‘go’ I replied ‘no’ I no longer hope. I’m restricted in pains, Solely in one lane, Bound with chains, Close to being slain. . .by fear.

Yet, left with the keys, The keys to freedom. I lay low still, Face buried down, In my laziness to rise, Stiffness to move, Hopelessness to break forth, And in my weariness to believe I can. Yet, I’m left with the keys, The keys to breaking loose….”

She was close to tears as she recited her poem to the audience. As she left the stage,  the instructor pulled her from behind “Nice one.” Sighting those watery eyes, he asked “Why the tears?”That was how I felt back then. It took a long while to believe in myself. My confinement delayed my movement in life.” She replied wiping her face.

“Now you are here, still many hurdles to cross, don’t be restricted” He smiled

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